Sunday, October 24, 2010

Don't buy a Sealy from Dillard's!

A friend of mine purchased a Sealy mattress from Dillard's. She was promised "Guaranteed Comfort" After a few nights on the new mattress, they had to move to the guest room. They were miserable. They called Dillard's but they were told there were no returns.

What about Guaranteed Comfort?

They also called Sealy, but they refused to do anything, either.

What should they do? Any suggestions?

I suggested calling Dillard's corporate office and complaining. They will call their credit card company as well. I certainly hope they can get a favorable response. Not having a comfortable mattress that you payed for is very frustrating.

I can't imagine Dillard's guaranteeing comfort and not following through.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps next time they will try out the mattress before purchasing it. That's what I did before purchasing from Dillards and I'm very pleased with my mattress set.

I would never buy a mattress without trying it first.