Friday, June 26, 2009

almost another week has flown by

It is friday night - the end of a long week. Work this week was busy busy as I was trying to get everything ready to be able to be gone a week. Dean was busy tying up loose ends at the old job so he can start the new one on monday. He is going to work at home to finish out the project.

This has been a sad sort of week.on tuesday we had lunch with kim and bailey. They will be moved before ja gets back. Marie left on Thursday. That was really hard. She has really made it like we had family in El paso. My friend debra came by on thursday to say goodbye. All of us had been in EP about the same length of time. It was hard to say goodbye.

Today eric got his travel info for his departure. I was driving and trying not to cry. He will be with us until july 28. Then he will only be home 10 days between the training and his departure. Just as I was trying not to cry, we passed on of those black and white billboard that are signed "God". It said don't worry about the future, I am already there. Guess he really does talk thru billboards.

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