Monday, February 23, 2009

February is almost gone

I have been very lax on posting- in that time I have gone thru 2 casts and am back to the splint. The casts were very painful, but so is going with out. I have taken a lot of photos, but it is much easier without a cast.

Eric has finished all of his paperwork to go and in les than 2 weeks he will be living with us. We have been trying to get the house ready to add another person and a dog. Dean and I cleaned out the garage Saturday. It was a bad day- kept thinking about Nanny. Today Megan came over and we stocked her up with Tupperware to take to Japan.

We went to White sands yesterday. It was Mae Mae's birthday. We had tons and tons of fun. We are really, really going to miss them. I can't even think about that right now.

Joy Anna is doing great in school. She is excelling in her english class. She is enjoying the dance class, too.

My hand is starting to hurt- will post more later. Oh, Dean's job has extended til the end of April, but he is still looking. We are still praying for the right job.

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